Saturday, June 11, 2011

Call of Duty Tip #2: Don't Feel Bad About Camping

According to Wikipedia, camping in video games is defined as "a tactic in which a player will obtain a strategic position anywhere on the map and wait for players to arrive and be killed, or waiting for useful objects to appear in an area rather than actively seeking them out."  Wikipedia goes on to say that camping is both a legitimate strategy and also something that is frequently looked upon with great disdain.

For new players and for outright bad Call of Duty players, I suggest that they shouldn't feel a lick of guilt about camping.  Personally, I think people's outlook on camping derives completely from which side of the equation they're on -- ie. are they getting killed repeatedly or are they racking up kills?  That said, it REALLY sucks when you get pinned on one side of a map and the opposing team just camps your spawn point.  It should also be pointed out that if someone is genuinely camping in the same spot, you should know exactly where to shoot, n00b tube, or toss a grenade the next time you spawn.

In the following clip you see me camping near where Charlie would be on the WMD map.  I sped it up to get it under the 30 second clip limit:

Main things I think bad CoD players need to take away from this:

  • This camp spot only works if your team controls Charlie, otherwise you'll just have someone walk up behind you and shoot you in the head.
  • This camp spot only works if your team controls two flags -- if the opposing team controls two flags, there's really no reason for them to come take the remaining one unless they're bored or looking to humiliate you.
  • If the opposing team controls zero flags, they'll spawn in unpredictable places and you may end up, again, with someone walking up behind you and capping your ass.
  • It's still worth protecting your back, thus you see me planting a claymore at the corner.
  • Look are the flag indicators to see where opposing players will be coming from (ideally from Alpha).
  • Keep an eye on the map for the red dots that show up, especially if your team has a spy plane or an SR-71 in the sky.
  • Keep an eye on that gap in the far distance to the left, the medium distance passage to the right, and the near distance doorway to the left.
  • Be patient as it may be a long time between kills.
  • If I had better aim, I would've had more than a six-kill streak, but the next dude who came out of that doorway to the left shot me before I could sight him up. 
Hope that helps both badcodders with both general camping principles and also very specific camping strategies for WMD.  (Assuming I get decent video clips, I'll post my other two favorite WMD camping spots at a later date.)

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