Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 on G4TV: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Battle in New York Footage

So, I just happened to be home today flipping through stations and I stumbled across G4 airing live coverage of E3 2011.  My timing was pretty good because they were about to air G4-exclusive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 footage of the Battle in New York City.  They had Robert Bowling, Community Manager of Infinity Ward and also Glen Schofield, VP and GM of Sledgehammer Games.

Here's what came out of the interview and footage:

  • Objective: Get to the Stock Exchange.
  • Russians have taken over Manhattan and the Americans have come into push them out.
  • Footage showed the streets of Lower Manhattan.
  • Takes places right after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • Environment spawned new features like the "dual scope system" allowing players to have different scoping options for long range and interior environments.
  • Objective: Flank the Russians on Wall Street.
  • Campaign is single player only.
  • Spec-Ops is coming back for co-op play and will use the same maps as multiplayer.
  • Same modes as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 plus Survival Mode (facing endless waves of enemies).
  • Schofield has spent time speaking with Marines in research.
  • Audio updates like whiz-bys together a better sense of direction of fire.
  • More textures... but keeping things running smooth at 60 FPS.
  • Objective: Rally with your squad in the lobby.
  • Objective: Get to the Stock Exchange roof.
  • Modern Warfare had nearly 30 million players.
  • Objective: Detonate the thermite charge.
  • Objective: Use the Reaper to take out enemy forces.
  • Objective: Board the Black Hawk.
  • Weapons and equipment confirmed through gameplay footage and interview include:
    • P90 Holographic.
    • AK-47 Red Dot.
    • P90 ACOG.
    • AK-47 Grenadier.
    • RPD.
    • MP5.
    • AK-47 ACOG.
    • XM25.
    • 9-Bang.
    • Thermite.
    • AK-47 Silenced w/ACOG.
    • Reaper.
I think I missed some guns and there's probably some obvious stuff that I can't identify visually, but the gameplay looks pretty game sweet.  And I can already tell you that I'm going to be awful at some of these maps.  New York looks like it had a lot of dark corners where I'd just completely miss someone camping.

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