Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Call of Duty Tip #8: Shoot Where You See Muzzle Fire

Where good CoD players can seemingly identify an enemy from great distances in the dark in whiteout conditions, I frequently have a hard time seeing an enemy ten feet away dressed in a giant chicken suit.  Okay that last part is completely fabricated, but it's not far from the truth.

One tip is to simple shoot where you see muzzle fire.  If you're looking in that direction and you don't see a friendly indicator on your radar, sight up and fire!

Here's an extreme example with rocket launchers:

Incidentally, I also won that match of Sharpshooter on Villa. My FIRST Sharpshooter win EVER!

Call of Duty Funny Fail: Man Accidentally Quick Scopes at Point Blank Range

So, during a wager match on Villa, I had the not-so-bright-but-fortunate idea to hide in a booth with a sniper rifle.  My intent was to shoot whoever walked by not thinking that I wouldn't be able to react fast enough or that I probably wasn't particularly well hidden with my sniper rifle sticking out the window.

But, lo and behold, I got the kill!

Call of Duty Tip #7: Reload Reload Reload

Nothing is worse than stumbling across an enemy close range and simply not having enough bullets left in your clip to cap his ass.  This seriously happened to me all the time until my friend informed me that I as being an idiot by not reloading more frequently.

I'm probably on the reload-waaaaay-too-frequently end of the spectrum now.  This is also bad particularly when you stumble across multiple enemies and you reflexively reload after killing the first one who rounds a corner.  Then his two buddies show up and completely obliterate you.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Call of Duty Funny Fail: Man Backs into an Already Occupied Corner

I'm a creature of habit and there are certain spots I like on different boards. There happens to be a corner I like to camp out in on Radiation. Behold what happens when I back into that corner only to find that it's already occupied by the enemy.

Call of Duty Tip #6: Bravo Is a Good Place to Kill People

More often than not in a game of Domination, Bravo can turn into a $#!% show.  It's always in the middle of the board with too many approach paths to defend.  Almost inevitably, there's a continuous string of opportunities for kills as someone is constantly trying to take it.

If your team owns Bravo, you should be able to camp or patrol the area to defend and re-take the flag as necessary.  Especially if the other team isn't particularly well organized.

Here's a clip with as many Bravo-related kills as I could squeeze into a 30-second clip from one match on Hotel:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Call of Duty Funny Fail: Man Jumps Over Grim Reaper Rocket... And Dies Anyway

Apparently jumping over a Grim Reaper rocket will NOT save your life.  Additionally, it appears that Call of Duty butterflies are made out of sterner stuff than you. (Just one of the joyous things you can learn during a wager match in Nuketown.)

Call of Duty Tip #5: Fire Your Gun in Bursts

I'm an assault rifle kind of guy.  You get the right balance of killing power, mobility, fire rate, and accuracy.  I don't need to shoot people a billion times to kill them, I'm not so slow that I'm essentially a stationary target, and my gun doesn't empty so fast and so inaccurately that I'm always a defenseless non-threat.

That said, accuracy can still be an issue with assault rifles if you just ride the trigger until you empty your clip.  The nose of your gun will lift and drift.  Instead, the better tactic is to fire in bursts.  Some guns like the M16 and the G11 already do this for you.  My gun of choice is almost always the Galil, though.

Here's an example of some long range burst firing in a game of Domination on Silo:

Here's another example of some long range burst firing in a game of Domination on Hazard: