Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Call of Duty errant good game: 42 Stabs in a Single Gun Game Wager Match

When my friends and I get bored, we hop into Gun Game Wager Matches and just stab the @#$% out of everyone.  Why?

  • It's good practice for stabbing.
  • It's a nice change of pace when regular player matches get frustrating.
  • It's incredibly funny to hear the screams of anguish coming through your television speakers because you've demoted/humiliated the same 13-year-old five times in a row.
Just thought I'd share the results of my recent record setting performance (among my group of friends) with some nice Call of Duty Elite screenshots.

You read that right: 42 stabs and just 27 deaths.  Three of my opponents shot the whole time whereas my friend Chris spent some of his time shooting and stabbing and my buddy Colin stabbed for the entirety of the game.

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