Monday, August 1, 2011

Call of Duty Tip #9: Upgrade Your Perks to Pro

Regardless of what perks you like to equip your classes with, it's always worth upgrading up your perk to the pro version. Why? For starters, the pro versions always have some kind of added benefit that can make a tremendous difference. Secondarily, in order to upgrade to pro, you need to complete three challenges that will also grant you some nice little boosts of XP on your way to leveling up.

Since I've decided not to Prestige again for a while (or ever) I've instead decided to work on upgrading all of the perks to pro. My favorite class already has Lightweight Pro (which allows you to jump from any height without damage), Sleight of Hand Pro (which allows you to sight up faster), and Marathon Pro (which allows you to sprint continuously). I think I have just four perks to upgrade: Scavenger, Flak Jacket, Scout, and Tactical Mask.

The below video is of me finally nailing that irritating Quick Melee challenge (two stabs in five seconds) on my way to Ninja Pro.

For a nice clean list of what all the pro verions of perks get you, go here.

PS.  I had enough time to actually shoot that third dude, but I was 30 to 60 minutes into a haze of stabbing that I forgot I didn't REALLY need to stab anymore.

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